Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Windows Mobile Crossbow (WM6) Leaked

Testers of Windows Mobile Codenamed Crossbow (or Windows Mobile 6.0) have leaked at least 2 versions of the pre-release online, along with a good number of screenshots. According to our source betacollector the pre-release is incomplete, missing a few functions but working fine.

No Windows start orb here, that seems to be cropping up on everywhere on Microsoft software now, but then again WM6 is not yet final -who knows if that will be included in the final release.

The leaked version specs: WM6PreRelease.rar (54177kb) Build date 1/12/2006 (15341.4.2.0) Rom 2.00.02.pv / External Rom 2.02 PDAVIET

Theres also a second one WM6CB.rar weighing in at 59608kb for the MDA Pro / Universal or qtec 9000 that one is older than the above mentioned leak.