Thursday, January 25, 2007

Offer for OneCare (v1.5) Beta service testers

Today I received the mail from Microsoft stating that the Testers are given 60% off on the subscription of Windows Live One Care Subscription.The mail read as follows-

Thank you for participating in the Windows Live OneCare (v1.5) Beta! Your feedback, comments, and bug reports (!) have helped us improve the service and we are now in the final steps of releasing OneCare to consumers world-wide on January 30, 2007.

Beta to Close at End of February 2007

We wanted to give you advance notice that the (v1.5) beta will be coming to a close at the end of February, and that your OneCare beta service will expire by March 2007 (or sooner, depending when you installed the beta). After your service expires, you won’t receive new Virus and spyware definitions or other OneCare updates. To continue your OneCare protection, you will have to uninstall OneCare and then reinstall the released version of the product. We strongly urge you to do so. In fact, we feel so strongly about it that we’d like to extend this special introductory offer to make it easier…

Special, Limited-Time Introductory Offer for Beta Users

To show our appreciation for our beta participants, we are offering you the full, released version of Windows Live OneCare at a price of $19.95 for one year. This offer is over 60% off the full retail price and covers up to 3 Windows XP or Windows Vista PCs. The offer will expire February 12, 2007, so be sure to take advantage of it soon.

To take advantage of this offer:

1) Uninstall Windows Live OneCare beta (by using the standard Add / Remove Programs Control Panel on your computer). Be sure to restart your computer when the uninstallation is complete.

2) When your computer restarts, return to this e-mail and click this link:

Special offer for Beta participants

(You must use the link in this email in order to be eligible for this special introductory pricing.Link removed due to security purposes)

Follow the instructions to redeem your offer and install the fully released version of the service.

So Microsoft is really giving benefits to it's beta testers.