Thursday, September 6, 2007

Windows Live Suite available for download

Microsoft has released Windows Live Suite with lots of updates.

Here are the following updates available-

Windows Live Messenger 2008; Build 8.5.1288.0816
This version gives you everything you already love about Messenger-your contact list, emoticons, instant access to your friends-plus an updated look.

Windows Live Mail 2008; Build 12.00.1365
Ever use Outlook Express? Windows Live Mail offers similar features, plus some great new ones-like free access to Windows Live Hotmail and all your other e-mail accounts, and integration with other Windows Live services.

Windows Live Writer 2008; Build 12.0.1277.0816
Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easy to publish rich content to your blog.

Window Live Photo Gallery; Build 12.0.1193.815 New!
Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to easily share your memories with others while managing your photos and videos.

Windows Live Toolbar              

Windows Live Toolbar lets you start a search from any Web page, and helps you personalize your Web experience with custom buttons.

You may notice that new updates to most of the software's has been released like that of Windows Live Mail,Windows Live messenger,Windows Live photo Gallery and our favorite Windows Live Writer.

All the releases can be clubbed and download together via Windows Live Installer suite or U can just downloads the products individually by clicking on the links above and also do check Video: Windows Live Installer Demo