Monday, August 27, 2007

Microsoft Tool "Steals" Yahoo and Google Email Accounts and Brings Them to Windows Live Hotmail

Microsoft unveiled a new online-based tool designed to "steal" email accounts from rivals Yahoo and Google and converted them to its own Windows Live Hotmail. But TrueSwitch is by no means limited just to Yahoo and Gmail. The fact of the matter is that TrueSwitch also supports accounts from the following providers: AOL, Comcast, Juno, Mac, Netzero, sbcglobal, Verizon, and Q. Additionally, Microsoft has not left out its own email services, offering support for Hotmail, MSN and Windows Live Hotmail accounts. Essentially, TrueSwitch will enable any new user of Windows Live Hotmail to move all of his data from an account with one of the providers supported to the newly overhauled Microsoft email service. According to the Redmond company, the web utility was introduced as a consequence of customer feedback.
"We’ve listened to our customers who told us that switching e-mail accounts isn’t easy. Say you’ve recently opened a new account with Windows Live Hotmail. Chances are you’ve got a ton of contacts and old e-mails sitting in another account that you wish you could easily move over. You also want to give your contacts a shout to let them know that they should reach you at your new Hotmail address. All this sounds like a bunch of work," explained Grace Wardhana, Windows Live Hotmail Senior Product Manager. TrueSwitch even supports the migration of Yahoo and Gmail bookmarks to Windows Live Hpotmail.
TrueSwitch will move all your email addresses from the old account to the new Windows Live Hotmail location, and will even provide the users with the option of notifying everyone of the fact that they switched providers. Wardhana revealed that you can "copy your e-mail history, copy your address book, notify contacts of your e-mail address [and that] all you need is a Windows Live Hotmail account. You can even use this for Hotmail to Hotmail account transfers as well as the upcoming accounts when they become available. I used it to consolidate my accounts – it’s great to see all my e-mail and contacts in one place now! The TrueSwitch service is now live in the US, with more countries to follow in the next couple of months."


source- Softpedia