Saturday, June 2, 2007

Soapbox Is Now Open For Full Video Viewing

We have just opened Soapbox on MSN Video for full video viewing.You no longer need to be signed into the service to view Soapbox videos!However just as before, you still need to sign in to upload, comment, tag or rate videos.The Embedded Player is also available for full viewing and embedding.While it might not be visible, we have spent the last month working hard on improving our backend, to make encoding and performance as scalable as possible.

We are also now conducting proactive filtering of all uploaded content, using technology from Audible Magic.Audible Magic bases their filtering on the video's audio track and their database is being updated constantly.By using this technology, we see this as an important step to ensure the viability and success of Soapbox over the long run. We are committed to provide a great experience for people to find and share their personal videos on Soapbox on MSN Video.

Source- Soapbox official blog